Ferry up the Croatian Coast







Sunrise Morning in Skopje!


Arrived bright and early this morning in Skopje at 5:30am. Sat on this bench for a while, then checked into our Hostel where I promptly fell asleep with my face down on a table. Long journey, but can’t wait to explore this capital city!

Volim Te Moj Beograd

Well this is where I say goodbye to Belgrade. Tonight Mara and I will leave on a night train to Skopje, Macedonia. These past two weeks in Belgrade have been absolutely phenomenal. Though a different city than Sarajevo, Belgrade had an incredible spirit and I loved getting to know this group of people even better here. Excursions to Lake Ada, exploring the best jazz bars, and having such a unique academic experience have all made this dialogue a part of a summer to remember. I could never have asked for a better way to learn such a complicated issue, and will now also look out of the classroom when learning about something that is much bigger than just a book.

I Love You, Belgrade!